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Tidewater Barge Lines is the largest inland marine transportation company west of the Mississippi River. We provide connections for truck, rail and waterborne freight throughout the Pacific Northwest and beyond. Headquartered in Vancouver, Washington, our operating area spans 465 miles on the Columbia and Snake River systems extending from the Port of Astoria, Oregon on the Pacific Coast to the inland Port of Lewiston, Idaho. Tidewater operates five strategically located terminals with key intermodal connections to railroads, highways and pipelines. Furthermore, Tidewater's Snake River Terminal in Pasco, Washington, operates a railcar storage facility.


With the addition of Tidewater Environmental Services, Inc. we now also offer a comprehensive range of onshore and offshore cleaning and waste transportation services to the marine and industrial business markets. Tidewater Environmental Services include ship cargo hold cleaning, industrial cleaning, hazardous and non-hazardous waste transportation, wet/dry vacuum services, and tank cleaning, throughout Washington, Oregon, Idaho, and parts of California.

Tidewater handles grain, refined petroleum products, ethanol, wood products, liquid and dry fertilizers and all types of containerized freight. Tidewater also has 14 towboats, personnel and approximately 160 barges that can accommodate a wide range of other transportation needs over the full length of the Columbia-Snake River System.

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Tidewater Terminal Company operates five strategically located terminals capable of handling a wide range of cargos and intermodal connections. The Company has 31 highly-trained employees.


Tidewater Environmental Services manages an extensive fleet of state-of-the-art conventional and specialized equipment and vehicles that answers the waste cleaning and transportation needs of industrial and marine communities. 

Tidewater Canada is North America's West Coast's largest Canadian Flagged bulk transporter of refined petroleum products. Tidewater Subsea Ltd is a division of Tidewater Canada and ranks as one of the premier submarine cable layers in Canada and provides a wide range of marine services such as ROV operations, salvage and construction, and support vessels.

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