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Tidewater’s Vancouver, WA terminal houses a container handling facility, diesel storage tanks, and marine equipment maintenance facilities. Containers are handled between truck and barge utilizing container toppick machines and a Manitowoc 4000 crane mounted on our barge dock. Diesel fuel is transferred between barge and upland storage tanks for our own fuel storage as well as third-party storage.


Marine equipment is maintained with Tidewater’s full time staff of mechanics, electricians, and welders using multiple moorages and our own drydock.


Contact Info:
Tidewater Terminal Company main office (509) 547-7701

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6305 NW Old Lower River Rd

Vancouver, WA  98660


PO Box 1210

Vancouver, WA  98666

WA  (360) 693-1491

OR   (503) 281-0081

Fax  (360) 694-8981


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