Tidewater Terminal Company

Tidewater Terminal Company operates four strategically located terminals capable of handling a wide range of cargos and intermodal connections.




Located near the Port of Pasco on the Snake River, Tidewater’s Pasco terminal provides regional terminal services and storage for petroleum, fertilizer, chemical and bio-fuel customers with accessibility by barge, pipeline, rail and truck.



Tidewater's Umatilla Terminal is located on the Oregon side of the Columbia River just upstream of the McNary Dam. This facility handles, stores and blends various fuels and fertilizers.               

Boardman 25.jpg


Located in the Port of Morrow, Tidewater's Boardman Terminal houses a container facility equipped to handle both dry and refrigerated containers for import, export, and solid waste transport.               


Tidewater’s Vancouver, WA terminal houses a container handling facility, diesel storage tanks, and marine equipment maintenance facilities.              

6305 NW Old Lower River Rd

Vancouver, WA  98660


PO Box 1210

Vancouver, WA  98666

WA  (360) 693-1491

OR   (503) 281-0081

Fax  (360) 694-8981


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