Tidewater's New Tug Build

Delivery of the first tug, Crown Point, took place on April 20, 2015, with the 2nd and 3rd (Granite Point and Ryan Point) to follow at the end of the year. Construction of the first tug started on January 24, 2014, with the keel laying at Vigor’s facility in Portland.


Designed by CT Marine, of Edgecomb, Maine, these state-of-the-art vessels were specially designed to service the Columbia River market. The tug engines are EPA Tier III compliant and provide upgraded environmental standards for cleaner emissions and a lower environmental impact. The tug design also features ergonomic accommodations and comforts proven to minimize fatigue and reduce injuries amongst crew.

Project Status


6/27/15 - Crown Point christened at Vancouver Landing in Vancouver, WA. Festivities began at 2:30pm with speeches from Kale Kramer - Vigor Director of Manufacturing, Bob Curcio - Tidewater CEO, Marc Schwartz - Tidewater Maintenance and Engineering Manager, Steve Isaacson with Fifth Third Equipment Finance, and Frank Foti - Vigor CEO. Nancy Curcio, wife of CEO Bob Curcio, performed the traditional bottle breaking after Al Moreno, Fort Vancouver Seafarers Center Action Chaplain blessed the vessel.


4/21/15 -  Keel laying ceremony for Ryan Point, with Captain Jim Fletcher welding the ceremonial plaque with his initials. Tidewater VP and COO, Bruce Reed, quoted Winston Churchill when describing Tidewater’s partnership with Vigor, “Now this is not the end. It is not even the beginning of the end. But it is, perhaps, the end of the beginning.”


4/20/15 - The Crown Point was officially delivered to Tidewater to begin operational preparations.


3/23/15 - Crown Point successfully completed her sea trials. Captains Larry Bartel and Terry Oxley piloted the tug through her endurance tests - pushing loaded grain barges. ” “The vessel met or exceeded all specs on the sea trials,” says Marc Schwartz, Maintenance & Engineering Manager.


9/26/2014 - Granite Point keel laying ceremony with Journeyman Mechanic, Ronald Snider, providing the ceremonial plague.


8/11/14 - Crown Point was moved to the buildways from Bay 5 on August 4th and prepared for the setting of the accommodations modules. In this picture the first module has been set on the main deck house. Once this has been secured the final module including the 03 machinery space and wheelhouse will be set into place. These recent milestones mark the beginning of the outfitting stage.


7/21/14 - The Crown Point is getting ready to get some sun. Up to this point in the project the construction has been done inside of the fabrication shops. On July 26th the vessel will be moved out to the buildways. The entire hull and main deck structure is completed. Once on the buildways the upper structures will be set in place and welded out. As you can see in the pictures these modules are already fabricated and waiting for the next step. The project will now move into the outfitting stage. This is the stage where all of the wiring, HVAC, machinery, insulation and joiner work gets rolling.  The next update will be of a completed vessel structure.


7/7/14 - A great deal of effort was put into picking a name for our new tug. The first thought was to come up with a series of names to indicate that the three tugs are a unique class of vessel. The second consideration was to make it our own and not to use names that had been used before. And the third aim was to be able to connect the vessels to our people, our unique service area and in some way to our heritage and history operating on the Columbia/Snake River system. The name chosen for the first tug is… “Crown Point.” This geographic location is a designated National Natural Landmark and is recognizable to everyone whether they are a mariner or not. It marks the Western edge of the Gorge and our vessels have been traveling by the point for over 80 years. The official naming ceremony will take place in December in conjunction with the vessel’s christening.

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