Tidewater Transportation & Terminals Take Delivery of State-of-the-Art Towboat


Tidewater Transportation and Terminals, headquartered in Vancouver, Washington, is pleased to announce they have taken delivery of Crown Point, a new custom-built, state-of-the-art towboat commissioned at Portland's Vigor Industrial. Crown Point is the first of a series of three towboats being built at Vigor for Tidewater, and will join the company's current fleet of 16 vessels and 160 barges at the end of April.


Marc Schwartz, Maintenance & Engineering Manager at Tidewater, expressed, "The launching of the Crown Point, and the forthcoming Granite Point and Ryan Point vessels, marks an important step for Tidewater. The vessels will strengthen our fleet, as well as reinforce Tidewater's commitment to our customers, community, and environment."


The Crown Point is an environmentally-friendly tug with reduced air emissions and improved fuel efficiency. Designed by CT Marine, Naval Architects and Marine Engineers of Edgecomb, Maine, the vessel features a wheelhouse with exceptional all-round visibility through full height windows, leading edge navigation and communications equipment, and enhanced accommodations for the captain and crew.


"During the last year and a half, a great deal of effort went into designing, engineering and building a towboat that would meet or exceed performance parameters," explains Bruce Reed, Chief Operations Officer and Vice President of Tidewater. "With crew endurance being a priority, we employed Noise Control Engieers of Billerica MA to develop a sound and vibration control package for the vessel. By incoroporating Christie and Grey vibration control mounts and comprehensive acoustic insulation, noise level register at less than 60 decibels in the accommodations during vessel operation."


Tidewater Captain since 1981, Larry Bartel was one of two Captains who piloted the Crown Point through her sea trials. "Not only is it the quietest tug I have ever piloted, but it has tremendous rudder power so it can tern around a loaded tow precisely and swiftly," certified Bartel.


Named Crown Point for the promontory on the Columbia River Gorge, approximately 15 miles east of Portland, Oregon, the towboat was constructed to safely and efficiently transport and maneuver barges up and down the water and through the navigation locks along the Columbia Snake River.


"The delivery of the Crown Point represents the conclusion of a successful project that has further diversified Vigor's new build portfolio," explains Bryan Nichols, director of sales at Vigor Fab. "It has been an honor to partner with Tidewater on this project and to shine a light on the fact that great vessels are being built right here in the Pacific Northwest. We are proud of the Crown Point and are confident that she will serve their company and their customers for decades to come."


Christening ceremony of the Crown Point is scheduled in June.